Renewed Femininity with Areola Re-pigmentation

Areola Repigmentation

For women who have endured breast surgery, sometimes the hardest part is the aftermath. The necessary damage can leave women scarred, striving for a new kind of normal. For some women, one way to deal with this trauma is to seek areola repigmentation.

Areola re-pigmentation is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that is designed to enhance the area surrounding the nipple, which is known as the areola. Some women are born with small or light coloured areolas, which can impede their sense of femininity as they age. Other women may experience fading areolas over time. Women who have gone through breast surgery also have to deal with irregular or discoloured areolas.

For these women, areola re-pigmentation can be a life changing procedure. Like other types of cosmetic tattooing, areola re-pigmentation involves the injection of pigments into the top layer of skin, thereby enhancing the colour. With areola re-pigmentation, great care is taken to match the colour to the woman’s skin tone to create a natural appearance.

Compared to other types of cosmetic tattooing, areola re-pigmentation is considered one of the least invasive and most successful. The end result is always positive, with minimal recovery time. However, women who undergo the procedure are usually advised to stay away from certain lotions and products in order to make sure the pigment sets properly.

Therefore, all potential clients are advised to consult with a technician in advance to see the options and understand the possible outcomes. For more information about how areola re-pigmentation can revitalise your femininity, contact Deb on 0409 656 005 today.