A Dramatic Look with Eyeliner Tattooing

Eyeliner Tattooing

If eyes are windows to the soul, then it is no wonder that so many people invest time and money into eye makeup. However, even the best eye makeup is prone to smudging and smearing, making it hard to apply and difficult to maintain. For those who are tired of struggling with daily eye makeup, it may be time for cosmetic eyeliner tattooing.

Eyeliner can have a dramatic impact but it is also very difficult to apply properly. Because of this, eyeliner tattooing is especially popular among individuals who have unsteady hands or suffer from poor eyesight or arthritis. People with allergies have also turned to eyeliner tattooing to help alleviate their symptoms while still maintaining an impressive look.

When choosing eyeliner tattooing, it is important to know the options. The procedure can be performed on the top or bottom eyelid, and some people opt to have it completed on both. The tattooing process is easily catered to any eye shape and overall complexion, allowing individuals to create a finished look that is truly customised to their exact appearance and lifestyle. The variations even include different thicknesses in order to determine how dramatic the end result will be. It is also possible to select personalised flourishes, such as tapered lines, tails, full lines, half lines, and more.

While the results may last more than five years, most people have their eyeliner tattooing retouched every two years for optimum results.

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