Hair Removal - Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)


There are few beauty problems more frustrating than unwanted hair. While there are a variety of removal techniques available, one of the most powerful choices is intense pulsed light. Hair removal through IPL is fast and broadly effective with a wide range of hair types.

In some ways, IPL is similar to laser treatments. Both treatments involve a focused flash of light directed at problematic areas. However, lasers use a monochromatic light, which means it is all on a single wavelength. Because of this, it has a limited range of effectiveness, targeting only one type of hair. IPL, on the other hand, uses a directed flash with a broad spectrum of light. This means that more types of hair are effectively eliminated during the process.

The entire process can be completed within minutes. An IPL treatment effectively gets rid of hair because the flash goes into the pigment of the skin. Here, the light is naturally transformed into heat, which then serves as an act of cauterization to the vessels at the root of the hair. This kills the hair and prevents it from growing back without causing damage to the surrounding skin. Several treatments may be needed to clear away all the hair from the area and it is advisable to wait four to six weeks between sessions. Treatment is relatively painless, and recovery usually lasts around two weeks depending on the affected area of the body.

Hair removal can be a powerful choice for your cosmetic goals. Shaw Bay Beauty beauty has the answer with there German built Allegro IPL machine.

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