A New Reason to Smile with Lip Tattooing

Lip Tattooing

There are few things that make a first impression like a good smile. However, for some people with lips that seem too small, too large, too pale, undefined or scarred, can make it hard to let your happy inner self shine on the outside.

In order to smile confidently, maybe it is time to consider cosmetic lip tattooing. Lip tattooing involves injecting pigments into the skin to alter the colour and appearance of lips. There is several procedures to consider. A lip liner defines the outline of the lip, either enhancing the natural shape or redefining it. A lip blend simply fills in the surface of the lip with a natural shade. Many people opt for a combination of both procedures for a complete redefinition of the lips. A more dramatic approach is full lip colour. Like a lip blend, full lip colour is applied to the entire surface of the lip. However, full lip colour uses a more striking shade to replace the need for lipstick.

Lip tattooing is popular with those who suffer from unusually pale or small lips, either due to injury or genetics. Those who have difficulty applying lipstick for any reason also benefit greatly from a lip tattooing procedure as well. Lip tattooing is one of the least invasive cosmetic procedures available, with minimal recovery time.

Before deciding to pursue lip tattooing, all patients should consult a skilled technician to see what the options are and what the cost may be. For more information on how lip tattooing can transform your life, contact Deb on 0409 656 005 today.