Natural look with Scalp Aesthetics


Hair loss can be one of the most devastating cosmetic challenges for men and women. Because of its location on the head, hair is a defining feature. Therefore, when hair loss sets in, it is almost impossible to hide. As hair starts to thin, many people suffer from alopecia and decreased self confidence.

While there are other hair loss solutions, one of the most exciting new options is scalp aesthetics procedure. Unlike other hair loss treatments, which may require surgery or time-consuming chemical treatments, scalp aesthetics uses micropigmentation to restore the appearance of hair follicles for a look that adeptly simulates the real thing.

Micropigmentation is essentially finely crafted pigment creations on the scalp. The pigment is chosen to match the natural hair color, which allows it to blend in for a more natural look. The process should be conducted by an expert in order to appropriately apply the pigment in the natural pattern of hair follicles. Because of this, everyone can have micropigmentation that is perfectly tailored to their exact hair loss needs. The process can be successful for individuals with all levels of hair loss, making it one of the most versatile treatments currently on the market.

Compared to other hair loss solutions, scalp aesthetics is an affordable, non-invasive option. Although hair plugs are touted as the best option for hair restoration, the process is expensive and not suited for everyone. For those who cannot afford or tolerate hair plugs, micropigmentation offers a quality alternative that looks just as good but costs significantly less. Moreover, scalp aesthetics offers a permanent hair loss solution that requires no maintenance to look good for years to come.

To learn more about micropigmentation and how it can restore your hair and your confidence, be sure to contact Deb on 0409 656 005 today.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Long Does The Pigment Last? The scalp pigmentation can last as long as 10 plus years depending upon how compliant the client is to using sunscreen or some sort of protective measure when there is direct sunlight exposure.

How Long The Procedure Take? The procedure takes 1-2 hours for scars and up to 4-6 hours for a standard "top of the head" procedure.

Does it Hurt? Our clients report that from a scale of 1-10 that the pain experienced is a 3. For those clients that are sensitive to pain we have a topical numbing cream that is available to eliminate any discomfort.

How Long Is The Recovery Time? The scalp is quite tender and red for the first 3 hours after the procedure. Within 12 hours the scalp has settled down. Within 24 hours the scalp has gone back to its original colour. Most clients are back to their social life within 48 hours. We have essential after-care instructions that should be followed in order to ensure
the best results.